Get acquainted with THE UGLY CLUB and SETBACK SEASON before their performance this Saturday!

The Ugly Club will be bringing their powerful indie sound to your backyard in less than one week. Since their humble beginnings in the New Jersey area, they’ve built a name in New York City, released two self-produced EP’s and one full length album, playing festivals and venues like SXSW, CMJ, NXNE, Kahbang, and soon Drew University!

With a diverse range of sound, their first EP, “Sing What you Want”, delivers a loud heavy rock and blues sound. On the other hand, albums like “You Belong to the Minutes” and “Visions Of Tall Girl,” show their “new” progressive indie sound that resonates with the melodic guitar and rhythms of indie alternative bands like Band of Horses or Family of The Year. The Ugly Club offer a great sound within each record and they’re a band you certainly don’t want to miss when they play live at Drewchella. Get a sneak peak with their video below!!


Also coming to the Drewchella stage is local band, Setback Season. Setback Season started out as a band of high school friends and has grown into so much more. Putting their own spin on pop punk, they bring powerful drums and lyrics you can’t help but sing along to. Setback Season has been together for about 2 years and continue to play shows and write new music. Their E.P, “What Really Happened” is a great example of their unique sound that denies to follow one specific genre. The Killers meet The Starting Line in their E.P, proving to have a much different sound than their recent live studio session. Nevertheless, this powerful band will be performing in their home state at Drewchella. Don’t miss the chance to rock out and sing along to pop-punk that will take you back to your 7th grade alternative phase. Check out their EP here and definitely don’t miss their performance April 25th in Baldwin Gym!

written and edited by staff members: Mitchell Weiser and Melanie Calantropio

No Stranger and On Your Marks: Appearing on Drewchella’s Acoustic Set Soon!

cooneyNo Stranger is a DIY solo project comprised of Jonathan Cooney. With inspirations like Into It.Over It and comparisons to Dashboard Confessional, Jonathan’s lead vocals and beautiful lyrics demonstrate the heart and soul put into this project. Fresh off his Winter 2015 tour, No Stranger is currently looking to get into the studio and create a full length album, but his EP is definitely a must-listen.Currently, he’s playing shows in the NJ, Philly and Delaware area before his stop at Drew University April 25th. Before you catch No Stranger live on the Drewchella Acoustic Set, check out his band camp for a sneak peak at his EP “Onward”

marks1 marks2

While you’re on that pop punk kick, check out On Your Marks, a local band from Monmouth County.  After their release in 2013 (“Ripped Out By The Roots”) they have been on a circuit of great shows and continue to pick up fans wherever they go. Its no wonder they’ve found their way to our acoustic set this April! On Your Marks is not your typical pop punk group because they break from a generic sound with varying song structure and melodies, making them a very unique group. On Your Marks allows their sound to be as unique as possible with every track. For Instance songs like “Cemetery Hill” are a little more melodic and slow than songs like “It Only Took a Week To Forget” which show their more pop punk side. Because of this, some songs can compare to Title Fight while others are similar to Neck Deep and Real Friends. This band is definitely not one to miss. Get acquainted on their Facebook or Bandcamp and look forward to hearing them live at Drewchella.


want more? check out our stations favorites on Drewchella’s Sneak Peak Playlist.
written by: staff members, Melanie Calantropio and Mitchell Weiser


Eric Reavey: Coming to Drew University this April

Hauling from West Chester, Pennsylvania, Eric Reavey grew up on good music. From Glassjaw and Thrice, to John Mayer and Damien Rice, he’s always been inspired by the sounds of the Delaware Valley.

Reavey is an acoustic act that has incorporated more then just an acoustic guitar in his Sage Sessions (January 2015 release) which you can find for sale on iTunes. Unlike many acoustics acts, he’s is able to write more then just the normal folk song. Eric Reavey incorporates different instruments within his EP and allows his vocals to range from all different styles and topics to give a different feel to every single song.


Reavey got his first stint as a serious artist writing and singing for the pop-punk outfit Big Big Plans, but his songs like “Reminder” draw comparisons to The Lumineers and James Blunt. Reavey’s voice, though very unique, can even be compared to the lead singer of the pop punk group Leaving Brightside.  This singer-songwriter can draw comparisons from many major groups but still has a distinct voice and a great spin on his music, making him very relatable.

4305555334_b88a0b54be_b You can hear more from Eric Reavey on his Facebook or website, but can catch his LIVE performance at DREWCHELLA where he will be performing on the acoustic stage!!

Your Weekly Glimpse Into Drewchella: The Coteries

Have you ever found yourself looking for music that feels real or moving? Well if you have come across The Coteries then you found the right band to do that for you! With beautiful lyrics, complimenting acoustic guitars, and female lead Emily Parasiliti’s melodic vocals, this band fits the criteria for an acoustic group that makes real music.

Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.27.27 AM Screen Shot 2015-03-30 at 11.27.34 AM

With inspirations like the great Neil Young, Fleetwood Mac, Joni Mitchell and Crosby Stills & Nash, the band has mastered a raw, folk vibe. Led by a strong, female voice and backed by rhythmic acoustics and catchy percussion. The Coteries describe themselves as “road trips, rumble strips, and some feel good music.”

photoComing off their debut 2014 release, they have captured the attention of the acoustic music world. They are looking to record a full length in 2015, but you can catch their amazing live performance at DREWCHELLA 2015 here at Drew University.

Check out ‘Running Late’ before they hit our acoustic set this April!

Running Late is a alternative pop rock band originated from our own backyard – Madison, New Jersey! This six member group has taken their sound and not only made themselves a local name but a national one.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 6.50.23 PM

Coming off their Battle Of The Bands win at the New York City Hard Rock, they’re just getting started to have their name placed on all the great venues around the world. After listening to their April, 2014 release of “Better Late Then Never” one can clearly hear their confident rock sound that ranges from groovy sax solos to melodic guitar sounds while keeping true to their rock roots.

Screen Shot 2015-03-20 at 6.50.30 PM

Running Late take the rock genre and do what all bands hope of doing- put their own spin on it! Comparing to bands like O.A.R, Dave Matthews Band, and more, they find themselves really having a strong footprint in the Rock scene.

You can listen to their record and check them out online but you definitely don’t want to miss their LIVE performance at DREWCHELLA 2015!


article written by: staff member, Mitchell Weiser

Behind the Scenes of Admitted Students Day

Curious about that background noise during Admissions’ events? Well you guessed it. WMNJ provides you with the tunes at each one and each event has its very own, varying playlist.

Our very own DJ, Melanie Calantropio, has been DJing admissions’ events this year. From open houses to admitted students day! Fully caffeinated from as early as 7 am, she’s live in the station, streaming music to Crawford Hall, the Dining Area at Ehinger Center and even Baldwin Gym with the help of Drew MRC.

Check out our Admitted Students Day Playlist right here!


Screen Shot 2015-03-21 at 8.39.58 AM

Get to know your local music scene with Boosegumps

I discovered Boosegumps at a basement show in Montclair, NJ this past week and was lucky enough to interview lead vocalist and guitarist, Heeyoon, after her set.

The experimental project consists of Heeyoon of Wayne, NJ and drummer, Kyle Coan. The two find it difficult to write just one type of music and are inspired by a multitude of genres, “jazz, hip hop, surf rock and electronic” to name a few.

“Right now, I guess I would have to categorize it into “bedroom pop” but there’s no doubt that will change in the future. I’m already planning on my next album sounding very different compared to the other EP’s I have written” she says.


Heeyoon and Kyle Coan of ‘Boosegumps’ at the Meatlocker Thursday, March 12th | Montclair, NJ


She received an acoustic guitar from her dad on her 13th birthday and taught herself to play by watching videos and covering songs. Because the piano is the first instrument Heeyoon learned to play, she’s also well acquainted with her Casio keyboard and uses it in a lot of her songs.

“It has some really funky beats programmed into it that I like to use.”

While releasing her many guitar covers, she never thought she’d be making her own music. However, in college, her perspective shifted and she began to write and perform music of her own.

“I met some really talented musician friends who inspired me to write songs of my own. My first band, now Secret Mountain, formed after I was on a tour with my friend Matt’s band, Hodera, and he asked me to start a band with him. After the tour, I started writing songs for it immediately and then our friend Alex joined and we started playing shows locally. Now, Secret Mountain is a completely different band. Matt isn’t even in it anymore.”

Boosegumps was inspired by the – you guessed it- R.L Stine series “Goosebumps.” Heeyoon chose the name while working on a halloween/haunted house music project and a short EP called “R.L 69.”

“I was writing for Secret Mountain and realized some of these songs I was writing for Secret Mountain didn’t really go with the sound we wanted, which was more upbeat and loud. So, I took some of the quieter, bedroom pop songs and released my first Boosegumps EP called “Leave Me Alone”.

Its because of this that the music produced by Boosegumps varies so often. Her songs call for a combination of fiction and truth, lightheartedness and raw, delicate lyrics. While “I don’t want to be in love” and “I want 2 believe” seem very personal, others like “handy dandy” are a bit more fictional. However, Heeyoon admits thats not entirely the case:

“I think almost all of the songs I write are very personal to me, even “handy dandy”. I wrote that song right after I found out I lost my notebook/planner. I was super bummed that I lost such an important part of me that I decided to dedicate a song to it. It’s situations and experiences like that that inspires me to write songs. It feels really good to write about things that have upset me, things that make me feel good, and things like my cat and my relationships with people.”

Heeyoon’s advise for upcoming musicians is to be both patient and passionate about creating music. For her, simplicity is key as well as keeping involved with local music scenes and making friends.

“Make music that you would want to listen to. Even if it uses like 3 chords, or even 1, who cares! I think beginners are sometimes intimidated and think they’re not good enough.”


Boosegumps’ two EPs can be found online, however, physical   copies of the works can be purchased in cassette form. Why cassette tapes? Boosegumps’ found this method cheaper and convenient. A friend of Heeyoon’s runs Swet Records and put them together for her.  Currently, they’re working on a full length album and playing shows around the New Jersey area with Secret Mountain.

For more information on Boosegumps, upcoming shows, or  Heeyoon’s other project, Secret Mountain, you can follow her: Facebook | Soundcloud | BandcampTumblr



article written by staff member, Melanie Calantropio.